Day 180

Non-Sucky Ribs (Translation: Ribs My Husband Didn’t Make)

Back on Day 58 I tried my husband’s first attempt at smoked pork ribs. They earned a triple frowny face. But fellow blogger Feit Can Write encoraged me to not give up on all ribs. And he was right. I went to an extremely not-my-scene restaurant tonight for my daughter’s 12th birthday (she likes steak). And they had ribs that were, well, good. Go figure. It was almost worth the country music blaring through the joint. Almost.


4 Comments to “Day 180”

  1. Hooray!!! Congrats on taking a second chance on one of life’s culinary delights. Hopefully your future travel plans will take you to BBQ Mecca – a.k.a. Kansas City, MO. Wow.

  2. Does your Southern Uncle (by marriage) need to have a rib class this summer?????

  3. Oh yea, there would be country involved! Starting with Red Solo Cup!!!

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