Day 183


For those of you who don’t know (and I didn’t), this is a midwestern thing: a dinner roll stuffed with hamburger, cabbage, onions and cheese. Cooking it from scratch was a project. And a half. It’s like making bread, then making dinner, then stuffing one inside the other and cooking it some more. I used  this recipe from Cook’s Country.  Many of their recipes are lengthy affairs. But they’re always worth it.


4 Comments to “Day 183”

  1. I freaking love these things!! I have got to make some soon now!

  2. I love Cook’s Country. I noticed they do not publish the calorie values!! ha ha

  3. Another Nebraska staple, although here they are known as a “runza”. There is even a fast food chain here ( that sells them in various incarnations (original, cheese, mushroom & swiss, and some other speciality variations).

    Runzas are big sellers at Nebraska Cornhusker football games – especially at the colder games when they make an excellent hand-warmer.

    But the ones grandma (or in my case, my sister-in-law) makes are always the best.

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