Day 184

Red Eye

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with a new cocktail? And I do have my 12-year-old to thank (blame?) for this pick. In order to entice her to the grocery store, I told her she could choose some of my new foods. So of course she went with three foods she knew I’d hate: tapioca, pork rinds and (what really made her giggle) clamato juice. Nice to be loved. (Stay tuned for the pudding and pig skins, which I’ll tackle later in the week.)

I refused to drink the clam/tomato juice straight. Defininetly needs booze. I know I hate Bloody Marys, so I turned to the Red Eye. Good name, anyway. But I really thought it would be horrible. I hate clams (at least I think I do) and I hate tomato juice. So what could be worse than mixing them together and adding beer? The smell was as atrocious as you would imagine. But, in the most surprising twist of this entire experiment, it wasn’t all that bad. Kind of tasted like salty beer. I dumped it after two swigs, though. Couldn’t get over the idea of drinking clam juice. That’s just messed up.


2 Comments to “Day 184”

  1. What a brave woman you are…*shudder* has the aftertaste gone yet!!!

  2. Out here in Nebraska, the blessed union of beer and tomato juice is known simply as a “red beer”. I prefer straight tomato juice (as opposed to clamato or a bloody mary mix) with a dash of salt on top. The perfect start for “day drinking” (or as a hangover remedy).

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