Day 192

(Low-Fat) Bran Muffin

This week I’m exploring breakfast foods. First stop: bran. This old-school muffin is so boring it even puts itself to sleep. There’s nothing offensive about it. But why bother? When I asked this question — after I had slogged through about half of it — work-buddy Annie explained that she would pick one up because she knew it was healthy and filling. Healthy and filling? What kind of reason is that for going through the trouble of chewing? But Annie and I have different foodie philosophies. She eats to live; I eat to fulfill my fantasies. And, sorry, Bran, I’m just not that into you.


5 Comments to “Day 192”

  1. Ooh, if you’re doing breakfast foods, try groats! I tried them for the first time this weekend and I had a frowny face, but I’d love for you to have to suffer through them, too.

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