Day 211


I tried a dried one back on Day 67 with poor results — a texture nightmare — and the fresh-from-the-tree variety was not much better. Both mushy and mealy. But I’m willing to give this cute little butt-ball the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I just grabbed a non-representative sample.


3 Comments to “Day 211”

  1. These are not bad if you cook them in orange herbal tea for about ten minutes. They soften up.

  2. I love your blog! I have mentioned you on my sweet blogger-to blogger awards page! check it out!

  3. mmm apricots are so cute and yummy! i’m glad you were willing to try a fresh one, and i think you’re right — it wasn’t the best representative. they should be sweet and firm. maybe you’ll have to try again…. 🙂

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