Day 212

Blue Cheese Burger

I think even y’all that like blue cheese will have to admit that it’s kind of — well, super gross. I mean, it’s visibly moldy and more than a little smelly. And you’re going to eat that? But then someone — something like a fairy cheese mother, only male — disguised some of the blue bits inside a juicy, crispy, perfectly grilled burger. And it wasn’t like I was eating skanky cheese at all. It was just good.


One Comment to “Day 212”

  1. I thought the same thing the first time someone mentioned a bleu cheeseburger… grrrrrosssssss! Then I tried one.

    Oh. My. God!! It was heaven on a bun… I swear!


    Thank you for following my blog! You know… I’m not a big fan of apricots either, but I do like the Del Monte dried apricots. They seem to be a little drier than others I have tried and don’t have that mushy/mealy taste/texture.

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