Day 216

Halvah Bar

Crisis in Picky Niki land. I had butter beans scheduled, but when I looked them up I realized that butter bean is just a more scrumptious sounding name for lima beans. Well, I’ve had lima beans, for heaven’s sake. If I hadn’t bothered to look it up, I might have accidently eaten a non-virgin food, ruining the entire project at one fell bite. Luckily, I had a halvah — a sesame-based candy bar — to act as pinch hitter. It’s not the most exciting new-food pick, but it was good. And it saved me from the lima beans in disguise.


One Comment to “Day 216”

  1. Oh, I love halvah! I’d eat it way more if it wasn’t so dang fattening, lol. I particularly like the marbled kind…

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