Day 217

Silly Coffee Drink

I love strong black coffee. I’ll drink it burnt. I’ll drink it thick as sludge. I’ll drink it day-old. I’ll drink it from disreputable gas stations. The only thing that ticks me off is when it’s coffee-colored water. It’s almost a point of pride that I’ve never ordered a designer coffee. First of all, why do you need all that crap piled in? Secondly, those fancy orders seem to take forever to make. And I like to keep my human interaction down to a minimum. Especially when I’m waiting on caffeine. But our Target has a Starbucks attached. So, as I was buying socks for my poorly shod husband, I decided to experiment. Didn’t know what half the things on the menu were. Finally settled on the Cinnamon Dolce Latte. (Although spending 3.50 on a small — excuse me, tall — coffee seemed positively insane.) It was pretty. And the first few sips were okay. But it’s more rich dessert than coffee. And a few sips were enough.


3 Comments to “Day 217”

  1. Rallying cry for our nation: “why do you need all that crap piled in?”

  2. Not into the fancy coffee drinks either … latte is about as fancy as I get.

  3. i’m with you on this one. and i worked at Starbucks as my first job….. amazing, the way people need their coffee made and modified. gross!

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