Day 221

Bok Choy

When I was still pretty new to Chinese food, I accidently ordered Chow Mein when I really wanted Lo Mein. Big difference. Anyway, there was bok choy floating in it, but I ate around those strange vegetable rafts. Today work-buddy Annie, who joined a CSA and is drowning in vegetables, brought in some fresh stuff. Her produce provider told her that he eats it with peanut butter, like celery. I tried a slab — hold the PB — and it is very much like celery. Only with a little more zing.


3 Comments to “Day 221”

  1. Glad you held the peanut butter. Bok choy deserves better.

  2. Mmmm … I love bok choy

  3. My favorite way is grilled on the BBQ, A little soy sauce yummy.
    Your blog is hysterical. Thanks for the Follow.

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