Day 225

Beurre Blanc

I draped some of this butterlicious sauce over a bourbon-marinated rib eye, mostly because Mr. Bittman said it was essentially béarnaise without the eggs. And I’m all for leaving those foul chicken droppings out whenever I can. This was just shallots, white wine, vinegar, butter — and a boatload of flavor. It was one of those evenings when my husband was grateful for this new-food experiment. But I’m not going to tell his doctor about the stick of butter I whisked into the sauce.

6 Responses to “Day 225”

  1. What Bourbon did ya use? What I left at your dads????

  2. next time, after you have reduced the vinegar and wine… add a handful of fresh tarragon!! Also, Beurre Blan is great on Fish… Salmon in particular!!

  3. Oh, man that sounds good 🙂


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