Day 227


Today my office cohorts absolutely forbid me to eat the dusty jar of borscht in my cupboard. Frankly, it wasn’t very hard to convince me. But work-buddy Annie promised to make homemade borscht to save me from the off-brand stuff I dragged from the sale shelf at the supermarket.

So tonight I grabbed a pluot. I know it’s a combination plum/apricot, but I’m a bit unclear on the pronunciation. (Wouldn’t aprum be easier to say?) And I’m not quite sure whether I like them or not. The description card at the store said it was supposed to be sweet, and this one was mind-puckeringly sour. My guess is it wasn’t anywhere near ripe. Foiled again by my culinary cluelessness.


2 Comments to “Day 227”

  1. I love Pluot’s 🙂

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