Day 229

Pea Shoots

Peas are one of my favorite foods. I’ve grown them in my garden for years. But — and I’m a little embarrassed to admit this — I had no idea you could eat the entire pea plant. At least in its first blush of youth, anyway. My work buddies let me in on the (not so very secret) secret yesterday, and this morning I pillaged my garden for shoots. Fantastic! Though I felt a little guilty for cutting some of the little stems’  lives short. Only the good die young, I guess.

2 Comments to “Day 229”

  1. hehehe “only the good die young”

  2. Glad you liked the pea shoots! You can also sautee sweet potato leaves (try it with a bit of garlic and oil), and amaranth leaves (the plant that produces quinoa), both of which are quite tasty.

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