Day 233

Little Debbie Swiss Roll

Today is my 17th wedding anniversary. Since there’s no traditional token for 17 long years of marriage, I decided to make it my Twinkie anniversary and try one of those preservative-packed bites of Americana. I didn’t get the memo that Hostess had hit the skids and their lunchbox staples were getting harder and harder to score. I came home Twinkie-less. Had to settle for Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, another sponge cake and cream concoction. It was pretty good. And they came paired in romantic twin-packs. May our marriage match their staggering shelf life.


11 Responses to “Day 233”

  1. OMG…Warning…these are like crack, to me anyway.
    I am going to have to post Little Debbie Swiss Rolls in my Trailer Trash Cuisine. 🙂

  2. HA! Haven’t had a Little Debbie anything for at least 10 years. But now I’m all jazzed on the possibility of an oatmeal cream pie. After I sat for the LSATs, my (then future) Husband met me with a can of beer and an oatmeal cream pie. Ahhhhh. . .those where the days. . .crazy youth. Ha!

    So, did you lick that little cardboard rectangle at the bottom of the packaging for the SCR? I feel like it’s necessary to do so. . .

    If you didn’t, you didn’t miss much. And your heart will thank you.

    Ok, meanwhile, did you fantasize about filling the cake with ice cream? No?

    Neither did I. Ever.

  3. Aw, Thanks! Will your child/children be sampling a swiss cake roll in the near future 😉

  4. Happy Anniversary! Got a good chuckle over “may our marriage match their staggering shelf life!” Love your blog!


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