Day 235


When I opened the can these crazy kernels looked like corn on steroids. With an odor problem. Research on the internet revealed the reason for their puffiness. And odor, I guess. They’ve been soaked in lye of all things. I had to go to several sites to make sure someone wasn’t just pulling my leg. Lye? The smelly soap stuff? That can’t be good. But even further research revealed that a low-grade lye is used to cure any number of foods — even pretzels. Who knew? Anyway, lye or no lye, I wasn’t impressed with the hominy mush-fest. I’ll stick with wimpy old unprocessed corn.


2 Comments to “Day 235”

  1. You are alot braver than I am! I don’t think I would have gotten past opening the can!

  2. Lye! oh my gosh!

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