Day 237

Fig Newtons

You may have noticed this isn’t the first time this week I’ve relied on a prepackaged food as my taste of the day. (It’s been suggested in certain circles that sampling cookies and snack rolls is not exactly living on the edge. Andrew Zimmern I am not. Obviously.) In my defense, I’ve been a bit disorganized this week. Truth is, I’m always a bit disorganized — I’ve just stepped it up a little this week. That’s why I found myself roaming the aisles of a backwoods supermarket after a day of hard labor. (One of today’s mind-numbing chores was coming up with another word for “posh” after I realized I had used it in more than one of my current articles. How does that even happen?) Anyway, the 40-mile route between my work and my house leads me through some lonely, tree-infested country. There’s one grocery store, of a sort, along my way. It was a bit of an adventure looking for new foods in there. The first thing I stumbled across — and promptly rejected — was a jar of undated caviar. Not sure how many decades ago the store management decided to offer caviar, but I wasn’t going to be the first sucker to take them up on it. I also decided I could easily live out the rest of my life without trying pork hocks or cheez whiz. I did pick up a jar of mincemeat to experiment with at a later date. Couldn’t pass it up. Then I grabbed a pack of Fig Newtons and got the hell out of there. But after tasting one, I almost wish I had gone for the pork hocks.


One Comment to “Day 237”

  1. It is an odd little cookie, I am really sort of surprised they are still around. I like them though.
    Caviar is great, you will hate it.

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