Day 238

Tulsi Tea

I was browsing for a tea to help me with my, um, Aunt Flo, who’s really been pushing me around these days. What I was looking for was one that said: Dear Crazy Lady, this will make you less homicidal. But there wasn’t one of those. So I picked up one of the brands with the euphemisms “eases stress” and “uplifts mood.” This one — also called Holy Basil — claims it “promotes a sense of well-being.” I don’t know if it really works. But it tastes good. And I do feel a little less homicidal.


4 Comments to “Day 238”

  1. “But it tastes good.”

    What would you describe its flavor as being?

    • I guess it depends. This brand says it’s made from three different kinds of tulsi leaves: a lemon one, a spicy one, and one with depth, whatever that means. It reminded me a little of the celestial season’s Tension Tamer. But I think “spicy” is the best descriptor. Like a cinnamon fire ball, only more mellow?

  2. Hmm. Maybe I should try tea. Usually I just try not to make eye contact with anyone until the urges to punch people subside. 🙂 Am I to infer it tastes basil-y?

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