Day 250

Fried Green Tomatoes

Wow. 250 days. I can almost smell success from here — or taste it. (Actually, since I’m planning a deviled egg for my grand finale, I don’t really want to taste success. Or smell it.) I had my How to Cook Everything and 1001 Foods You Must Taste Before You Die books out tonight, making a list of all the stuff I don’t want to miss before I go back to never eating anything new again. (Just kidding. I suppose I’ll remain a moderately reformed picky eater.)

Anyway, tonight I grabbed a couple of under-ripe tomatoes from my garden, cutting their little lives short in the name of deep-frying (I don’t think you’re technically supposed to deep-fry them, but I went a little crazy with the oil). Their sacrifice wasn’t in vain — these were super good. And I’m not a tomato fan.


4 Comments to “Day 250”

  1. The recipe sounds awesome! thank you, definitely trying.

  2. I was born and raised in the south, I love tomato’s and still I have never had Fried Green Tomato’s, seen the movie though.

  3. I’ve slways loved these, ever since I saw the film ‘fried green tomatoes,’ of course! Glad to see they got a mention here 😉

  4. mmm…I LOVE fried green tomatoes. I love it when fall arrives and I finally get to bring in all the slow ripers and fry their little brains out. This is an awesome idea for a blog, by the way! Glad I discovered it!

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