Day 252

Fried Twinkie

I finally found a Twinkie to try — at our county fair — even though deep-fried Twinkie didn’t sound like a good idea, even to a frying fanatic like myself. I was already in a mood because my kids dragged me to a place that still offers sideshow favorites like a giant river rat, super-sized snake and the amazing headless woman. (No, I’m not making that up.) To add to my troubles, the slipshod carnival vender hawking deep-fried novelties had his grease below temp. I could tell there was a problem when it emerged an insipid tan rather than a robust golden brown. Then the fellow dumped a pile of confectioners’ sugar on top. Really? Like a deep-fried Twinkie isn’t sweet enough? It was a true travesty. All I could taste — besides the load of sugar — was past-its-prime fair grease. Done right, maybe these are okay. But I’m fine with never finding out.


2 Comments to “Day 252”

  1. Oh the imagery is strong. Old grease yucky! lmao

  2. Shoulda went with the deep fried Snickers. Heavenly.

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