Day 262

Turkish Taffy

I realize it might be a tad lame to rack up back-to-back candy tries. But I promise tomorrow I’ll submit to a borscht tasting just to make up for it. Besides, this retro bite has a cool ’50s commercial to add to the excitement. (Although I’m not sure giving kids “lots of pep and energy quick” is a good selling point for their parents.) Old Time Candy tells me that Woolworth clerks would break up sheets of this hard nougat with ball-peen hammers and sell the long-lasting shards to “economy-minded” customers. Later it was marketed in these bars that you smash up yourself by whacking it on the counter or sidewalk — no hammer necessary. I had to put mine in the freezer first, since it got a little soft riding around in my purse for a day or so, but it cracked up as advertised. I didn’t like it at first … not a huge fan of vanilla. But since it stuck around so long — putting even a nibble in your mouth is quite a commitment — it eventually grew on me.


2 Comments to “Day 262”

  1. This was one of my favorite candies when I was a kid: glad it’s still good!

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