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August 4, 2012

Day 267


These tea party staples — kind of like a thick pancake or a thin English muffin — are a little more complicated to make than expected. They require something called a crumpet ring, but a metal cookie cutter will do. I didn’t have either. The recipe I used suggested I use tuna cans with the bottoms cut off, but my opener mangled the ones I emptied for the cause. So I ended up fashioning a few out of aluminum foil, which worked pretty well, plus I dug out one extra-large canning jar ring, which worked even better. But since I was only pumping out batches of four with my makeshift utensils, and each batch took 10 minutes or more, I completely missed tea time. Best I could do was grab a couple buttered bites while throwing together a late dinner — with a chorus of complainy kids in the background. Those naysayers wouldn’t even try one. Fine. More for me.