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August 7, 2012

Day 270

Welsh Rarebit

Word on the street is “rarebit” is really just a bastardized pronunciation of “Welsh rabbit” that made its way down through the generations. Problem is, rabbit doesn’t make any sense either — not to describe an open-faced grilled cheese sandwich. Some say it’s a slur on the Welsh, implying their rabbit catching skills aren’t what they should be, so they’re stuck eating cheese. (Having been on the receiving end of Polish jokes my entire life, this hardly seems much of a slur.) Or could be the Welsh love cheese so much that they’d take it over Bugs Bunny. Whatever it is, their faux rabbit is spot on. My biggest concern with this food was the cheese, which is always a risky proposition. But this is melted cheese, so that’s a good sign. And I bought super mild cheddar, stacking the deck further in my favor. Plus the cheese sauce includes mustard, Worcestershire and, best yet, beer. Then you put it over bread and roast it until it’s all brown and bubbly and crunchy. Beats out hasenpfeffer any day.