Day 277


Sure, there was no real reason to sample yet another preservative-heavy slice of lunch box Americana. But I really wanted a chance to draw this retro-licious packaging. And to share this poorly recorded moment in Simpsons history. But other than checking those two items off my bucket list, it was a pretty dreadful experience. Think stale, room-temperature s’more. And I don’t even like the fresh, hot ones.


2 Comments to “Day 277”

  1. I saw some Food Network show where a guy took a moon pie, sliced it in half and torched the marshmallow-like middle to create a toasted marshmallow/creme brule type thing. Not sure it would be enough to save this thing, but it couldn’t hurt.

  2. I am so sad that you don’t love them. No, wait. That means more for me! They are my decadent, hide-em-in-the-closet-where-the-kids-can’t-get-them treat. I don’t get out much.

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