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August 15, 2012

Day 278

Anchovy on a Shingle

According to my workmate Kelly, eating puréed anchovies cloaked in Puttanesca sauce (Day 169) doesn’t count as an official anchovy taste. Apparently I have to pluck one right out of an oily can, slap it on a cracker and ingest. She brought me the can — as I’ve said, my coworkers are currently  torturing me with canned seafood — and then, to ensure my participation, procured another sleeve of Ritz crackers. Fine. I ate it, even though it looked like a worm curled up on that cracker, only with bones sticking out everywhere. And a worm on a cracker would probably smell better. But, again, it really wasn’t all that bad. Just another salty mess in need of love and understanding.