Day 278

Anchovy on a Shingle

According to my workmate Kelly, eating puréed anchovies cloaked in Puttanesca sauce (Day 169) doesn’t count as an official anchovy taste. Apparently I have to pluck one right out of an oily can, slap it on a cracker and ingest. She brought me the can — as I’ve said, my coworkers are currently  torturing me with canned seafood — and then, to ensure my participation, procured another sleeve of Ritz crackers. Fine. I ate it, even though it looked like a worm curled up on that cracker, only with bones sticking out everywhere. And a worm on a cracker would probably smell better. But, again, it really wasn’t all that bad. Just another salty mess in need of love and understanding.


One Comment to “Day 278”

  1. Haha..I love them but can’t believe you ate one. What’s next muscles in a half shell or escargot?

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