Day 283

Coca-Leaf Tea

Wikipedia — which is most definitely never wrong about anything — claims selling coca tea is illegal in the U.S. unless it has been decocainized (is that even a word?), kinda like decaffeinated coffee. But I take my mate de coca straight, thank you very much. So I hooked up with a connection who gets it right from the motherland, Peru. Wasn’t very hard, since she’s right across the office. One of these teabags appeared on my desk during a particularly vocal stretch of mid-afternoon crabbiness. Tastes like run-of-the-mill tea, but with a kick — like a more mellow coffee buzz. Glad it’s not readily available, though. All I need is another monkey on my already crowded back.


5 Comments to “Day 283”

  1. You got a chuckle out of me. Monkey on your back… lol

  2. My sister in law is from Peru, and I have always been curious about coca tea, and I think she could get me some, but somehow it does not seem worth the bother. I am glad you tried it and let us know about it.

  3. haha…those darn monkeys need occasional toe-nail clipping.

  4. Very cool…when you said try a new thing every day- you really meant it…;-)

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