Day 301


I should get a gold star for trying this. Never thought I’d ever dare. In my mind tofu has always been this weird, leaky, gelatinous substance. One of my aunts opened a package of it in front of me when I was a kid — turned me off for life. But it was inevitable it would cross my plate at some point during this experiment. So I went with the most delicious-sounding recipe I could, from fellow blogger REMCooks. Per his instructions, I marinated the cubes in soy sauce and hot sauce for several days and then stir-fried them up. When I popped one in my mouth I was pleasantly surprised. The flavor was great … how can you go wrong with soy and spice? I thought, If I just ignore the texture, I can probably get used to this. But then the aftertaste kicked in. I assume it was the tofu finally asserting its true nature. Should have kept that to itself. But if you like tofu, warts and all, Baby Lady’s Marinated Tofu Stir Fry is a must-do.

8 Comments to “Day 301”

  1. Tofu and I have a very strange relationship. I used to be a vegetarian and pretty much lived off all things soy–this strange gelatinous version, especially. In fact, I ate so much of it that I wound up having a severe allergy to it. So, here I am five years later and I avoid it like the plague.
    But I agree. The texture does leave something to be desired. Sort of like jell-o that has mated with feta cheese. But without either taste.

  2. It wouldn’t be my first choice but I have liked it in several dishes. I do not have textural issues though, I love slimy food like boiled okra, dare you try that. Super duper slimy. Hehehe

  3. Baby Lady says she glad the recipe inspired you to try it but sorry the aftertaste got you in the end. Baby Lady says to stay tuned because she hasn’t posted her tofu chocolate mousse that no one has ever figured out was made of tofu. She hopes you give it a try when we finally post it. 🙂

  4. Another blogger posted a vegan chocolate mousse made with avocado, They said no one could tell either and it looked great. had some kosher salt. It intrigued me, and I do want to try it someday although I am not vegan.

  5. I am loving your blogs, Niki! My laugh of the day. I remember trying tofu fishsticks once – just cut the tofu into fishstick size pieces, breaded and fried. I believe my kids were little then, and I can’t remember the reaction. (Maybe I’m blocking.) Another time, we were visiting my son, Jeff, and he was making a tofu stir-fry for supper. Raymond wandered in, looked in the pan, and asked, “What is that? Chicken?” And Jeff said “kind of like chicken, Dad”. I don’t think Raymond wised up to the truth.

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