Day 310

Ginger Beer

I figured this soda couldn’t be much different from ginger ale. But, boy, is it. Super spicy. I kind of liked it, although it did feel like it would quickly burn a hole in my already embattled stomach. I read online that the Brits mix it with regular beer as a type of shandy. So I gave that a whirl. Meh. Could have been better with a darker brew, I guess — I only have namby-pamby light beer around the house.


5 Comments to “Day 310”

  1. I mix mine with tea and a little gin. If I’m up to it I throw in some sliced fruit. It’s also good with Pimms. I love the spicy taste. But sadly it still packs a fair bit of sugar….so I just have it once in awhile. Hey, maybe tonight!

  2. Ginger beer is one of my favorite things! I found an alcoholic version called Crabbies that I keep stocked at home all the time.

  3. My grandmother had some and let me try it the other week! 😛 I really admire how you could try new food because THIS picky eater cannot… 😦 Your pictures are so cute as well!

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