Day 314


This is some kind of new-fangled drink I found at the gas station. I picked it up to avoid having to sample a can of potted meat, the other new food option on their shelves. I hope it never comes to that. Anyhow, this air-freshener-shaped bottle said it would reduce my stress, enhance my mood, improve my concentration and promote a positive outlook. All things the girls at work agreed I needed help with. But when we read further we realized we couldn’t pronounce most of the ingredients. We could plainly read the warning, though: “Not recommended for children under 12 years. If you are pregnant or nursing, contact your physician prior to use.”  That’s really not the type of thing I like to see on my drinks. Unless they’re chock full of booze, of course.

When I checked it out online, I found this funny write-up. And she’s right, webMD says phosphatidylserine can cause insomnia and stomach upset. But they say it’s possibly safe for most people. Possibly. And that’s just one of the ingredients in the “proprietary blend.”

I only braved one sip. Tasted sweet and fakey. Like something that has one of those awful sugar substitutes in it. (It’s got a milky color, too. Weird.) My husband, who came home and took a slug before I could stop him, agrees: His first response: “It’s crap.” His second, to explain it to our 12-year-old: “It’s like a detention in your mouth.”

6 Comments to “Day 314”

  1. Wha?!? Tomorrow just drink some Woolite. I hope you are ok. Do not buy “food” at the gas station.

  2. love it – a detention in your mouth – we all know what that means

  3. Haha! Sounds disgusting! The things available for human consumption these days is sad.

  4. HA! Thanks for the shoutout. I have not yet been brave enough (or hungover enough) to try some of the other flavors. Love your blog and am devastated to have found it so close to the finish line.

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