Day 350

Vegetable Momo/Pork Gyathuk/Butter Tea

Workmate Kelly took me on a date to a Himalayan restaurant, since no one in my family would go with me. Not that I’m bitter. It’s odd that my little town has a Himalayan restaurant when we have so few dining options. But I’m not going to argue, because these folks are on to something. Turns out momo is just another name for dumpling — and I think we all know how much I love those. Gyathuk is a noodley soup with cabbage and other goodies. I was pleasantly surprised how much cabbage was strewn through everything. There was even a coleslaw-like side with the momos. I will have to take issue with the butter tea, though. It was Americanized — no yak byproducts — but it was still plain weird. Like drinking straight butter with an extra dose of salt. I know what you’re thinking … sounds like something I’d slurp down with a smile. But it had strangely sinister undertones. Maybe that was just my body’s way of telling me, “Put the cup of butter down, dummy.”

One Comment to “Day 350”

  1. We recently got a Momo restaurant ourselves… and like you, we don’t have tons of ‘different’ sorts of eateries here, so it was surprising to me! (I really only tried it because I was all depressed about my favorite place, a Hawaiian bbq, closing). But I really liked it! So much they recognize me there now… guess I should cut back. My family is not quite as infatuated as I am, tho. Glad you liked it!

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