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October 30, 2012

Day 354

Meringue Cookies

When I was talking about experimenting more with eggs in my countdown to the finale, workmate Lisa suggested meringue. Seemed interesting enough to sign up for, but I don’t necessarily count it as an egg try. Over the years, when it comes up in mixed company that I don’t like eggs, some smartasses point out that I eat cake and other baked goods — and that these, obviously, contain eggs. No(t much) offense intended to the smartasses, but that’s a pretty dumb argument. I don’t know many folks who would swallow a spoon of flour or chow down on a square of baking chocolate, but I know a whole bunch of folks who love a good brownie.

Anyway, moving on, these were (try to contain your surprise) a little sweet for me. But I chose a recipe that stuffed the meringue full of peanuts and chocolate chips, so it wasn’t a total loss.