Day 356

Mushroom “Pâté”

Generally, mushroom texture = yucky. This Rachael Ray recipe pulverizes that nastiness, replacing it with an equally suspicious hummus-like consistency. But somehow it works. Totally helps when you throw a pickle on top of anything.

7 Comments to “Day 356”

  1. A) Polish folks love mushrooms (even if they think they don’t), B) one whole stick of butter? C) An entire stick of butter. Need I say more?

    • Ha! I guess you can’t really go wrong when there’s a stick of butter in there. The funny thing is that I didn’t even bat an eye at it. Shows you how many recipes I use with an obscene amount of butter in them. (I think it’s the only way I can kill my husband legally.)

  2. Wow – you are nearly there, aren’t you?! Have you tried shawarma yet? That’s our latest infatuation, thanks to the Avengers movie and my daughter’s obsessiveness…

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