Day 364


Sorry for the delay! Stupid internet went down after an epic day of cooking. Very frustrating. Anyway, here’s the much anticipated Day 364:

I decided — on this end-of-experiment eve — to stick myself with one more insanely complicated recipe. So of course I had to go with mole. Used this recipe. Mine turned out greener and thinner than the pictures online. No matter — it was good. But, since it took at least 3 hours and dirtied most of my dishes, I don’t think I’ll be making it again anytime soon. Sure will be nice to go back to living on pizza and beer after tomorrow …

2 Comments to “Day 364”

  1. OMG … How epic that your experiment is almost over 🙂

  2. Green? What the heck did you make your mole out of?? Mine is always brown… because it’s made with chocolate, and peanuts…. and I love this stuff. Altho it always seems to be slightly different at each restaurant I order it at, and different from how I make it. I always like it. But it’s always brown. Green?? Hmmm…

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