Sure, my mother somehow hit on the most appropriate name for me. But I would have been an unadventurous taster even if I’d been born a Hilda or George. (Read more about my dysfunctional dining habits here.) Now, in the year before I turn 40, I’ve vowed to try one new food each day. Can a picky eater be reformed?

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  1. I’m a new-food adventurer too! A picky eater can definitely be reformed! Cool blog, very inspirational. Brussel sprouts are on my to-try list also. Maybe there’s hope that I will like them also.

  2. Adorable site! I agree with you about the eggplant, for sure (palatable only when very, very thinly sliced and deep fried … but that could be said about just about anything).

  3. Keep it up—your musings and drawings always make me smile! And, oh those fluffer-nutters … hadn’t thought of them since childhood (and boy did I love them). Can’t wait to see what you try in 2012. Happy new year!

  4. So I have to ask, though it seems rude, but has your reluctance to eat a variety of foods helped you stay in shape?

  5. I love your concept for trying one new thing a day! Can’t wait to read along this year.

  6. I thought it was pretty funny that you liked the kimchi, as fermented cabbage is definitely acquired taste (love it!). But I am also a nice Polish girl, although terribly picky. Cabbage, potatoes, mushrooms? It’s all good. Bananas? Inexplicably disgusting. Love your illustrations, too!

  7. i absolutely LOVE this blog! you’re a brave soul. i’m a pretty picky eater too and i wouldn’t be able to boldly bite into half of these foods that you stomached. keep it up! i’m following and i’ll eat vicariously thru you ;D

  8. What am I doing here? I will eat anything. Maybe I could learn to only eat most things. I love the personality you infuse into your food choices.

  9. Hey Niki, Jen told me about your blog and have enjoyed your reviews. Good luck and maybe we’ll have to get you in touch with MY apple pie sometime.

  10. Glad you found me 🙂 Can’t wait to follow your progress!!

  11. yes they can be reformed!

    I was a fussy eater until the age of 17 then ever since will try anything.. well pretty much.. Im sure there is a line somewhere, just haven’t found it yet!

  12. I love it. You will never know until you try. Cheers to you!

  13. Awesome blog premise! Good luck trying new foods 🙂

  14. Love your blog and the concept! As a former pediatric health educator, this would have made a great discussion topic/challenge for a lot of families out there… including my very own. Thanks for making me smile and following my blog! Best, Stephanie

  15. I really like the concept for your blog. It’s really important to keep broadening your horizons. Soon you’ll be a culinary adventurer. 🙂

  16. I love your adorable pictures! Good get those new, interesting foods! In my blog I make some pretty interesting items…maybe hop over for some inspiration. (=

  17. This is great. I’m a person who will eat nearly anything (except most organ meats, pickled cucumbers, and French’s yellow mustard) and it’s really interesting to read the likes and dislikes of a picky eater trying new food. Also, your drawings (especially the rating system) are cute!

  18. Love your blog so much I mentioned you in my last post on stir fry tofu and directed some traffic over here. 😀 http://remcooks.com/2012/02/25/baby-ladys-marinated-tofu-stir-fry/ Maybe you can try tofu and let us know your thoughts.

    • Thanks so much! Your blog is great too. And the stir fry recipe looks good … except for my long-standing fear of tofu. But it’s something I’ll tackle eventually. You’ll be happy to hear I bought some tempeh at the grocery store yesterday, which is tofu-esque, right? Baby steps. Zero idea how to prepare it, though. Thank god for the internet.

  19. I love the illustrations on your blog and the name! Such a great idea! 🙂

    Have you become a more adventurous eater yet?


  20. Love this premise and the adorable pictures!

  21. Great blog! Im really into food and it completely frustrates me when people wont try new things….good on you!

  22. Hey you fabulous you! You are nominated for the Academy Award Winning Writers Association for…drumroll…The Most Versatile! The Academy would like to thank you for your unending/unwavering awesomeness from yours truly @ Random Acts. Don’t forget me in your acceptance speech! Kiss, kiss, hugs all around!

  23. What a great idea for a blog, especially if you’re a selective eater who sticks to food groups that start with the word “white.” Thanks for coming by mine, I’m looking forward to seeing what new and exciting things you try as the year unfolds. =)

  24. I really enjoy your blog so I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. More information at http://remcooks.com/2012/04/02/versatile-blogger-award/. Happy Blogging.

  25. Great idea for a blog! Love the pictures that go with each post too. Hope you continue to enjoy many more foods :)x

  26. Love this!!! Such a marvellous way to welcome in your forties!!! Go for it 🙂

  27. This is too cute, picky 🙂 Love the concept and your style!

  28. I’ve nominated you and your brilliant blog for some awards in the blogosphere! Hope you enjoy, check it out here, http://girlinafoodfrenzy.com/awards-acccolades-appreciation-in-the-blogosphere/, cheers,

  29. just discovered your awesome blog … fun!!! especially love the illustrations

  30. I really like your cartoons and posts and I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award http://thewindykitchen.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/versatile-blogger-award/

  31. oh what a fun idea…i love it!!! ane the drawings that accompany it are lovely!!!

  32. Love your Blog!! Where is Balut in your schedule? it’s not as bad as it looks (LOL!) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balut_(egg)

    • Good lord … I’m grateful that I wouldn’t be able to find that around here even if I tried! It was hard enough for my brother-in-law to talk me into eating a deviled egg for my grand 365th day finale. My guess is it’s not going to go well.

      • Deviled Eggs are great! Nothing to be a feared of there!!
        I think it’s fantastic that you are stepping out of your comfort zone and doing this! I tell my kids that everyday they need to do something that they are scared off… I have lived this motto for 10+ years, it has never led me into a boring life!!

  33. Thank you for reading and following my blog!

  34. This is great…looking forward to the rest of the year. Is it only a year or forever?

  35. hello there! i love your blog and have nominated you for the sunshine award..please check my blog to receive it…:)

  36. Hi Niki, I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! I have really enjoyed your writing and following along on your eating adventures.
    Details on the nomination are here: http://blog.laurawooten.com/2012/07/26/thank-you/
    I hope you will accept!

  37. Have you tried poutine? It’s tasty, but not recommended for anyone with any artery problems. lol.

  38. Picky Niki, what a great website with fun drawings. Happy 40th Birthday and I do hope you continue trying out new things once your year is up.

  39. Hi Picky Niki, I am a picky eater too and about to start trying new foods as well, any advice?

  40. Thanks for visiting and following The He Said She Said Experience!
    Kari: I’m a fairly picky eater, too! It’s good for us to branch out and try new things! Good for you and Happy Birthday!

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