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April 1, 2012

Day 142

Udad Papad

Much confusion over this food. I guess these urad flour wafers — also known as pappadums — are pretty standard in India. And “udad” I think refers to a black pepper variety? They did seem a bit spicy — though that might have been the salsa. Yes, I dipped them in salsa. I know, I know. It’s supposed to be chutney or some such. But I didn’t have any chutney. And they seemed chip-like. So I went with salsa. I don’t recommend doing that. Also, I fried them until they turned brown. The package just said fry or roast. And I fry most things until they turn brown. In this case that’s a bad thing. They tasted burnt. So I’m going to withhold judgement until someone who actually knows what he or she is doing can prepare the papads.

November 29, 2011

Day 18

Raw Onion Chutney

Never tried chutney before. Never even heard of it until a couple of years ago, when I was editing a recipe from a farm-to-table Thanksgiving article. (I’ve lived a very sheltered, meat-and-potatoes kind of life.) But apparently it’s a pretty common condiment in the civilized world, so I didn’t let on at the office that I thought it was some kind of rare and exotic dish.

Anyway, I ran across this recipe for raw onion chutney in Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything, and decided to give it a try. (It’s probably not surprising that I learned of his existence relatively recently, too.) Pretty simple: red onion, red wine vinegar and a couple of spices. And it was good. Even though–like many of these other experiments–I served it out of context, this time with meatloaf and the inevitable frozen peas.