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November 7, 2012

Day 362

Whipped Cream Cheese with Chives

I’m sure I’ve ingested some form of cream cheese over the span of this last year. Frankly, I’m having a bit of trouble remembering everything I’ve eaten. But I know I’ve never, ever had cream cheese on a bagel. Because I always thought that was unnecessarily gross. And I was right. Disturbing texture. Plus, why would I want¬†a weirdly¬†tangy spread when I can have my bagel slathered with dripping, buttery goodness?

December 14, 2011

Day 33

Raspberry Strudel

This food was double threat: it was smeared with both cooked fruit (a major no-no) and cream cheese. (I’ve always avoided cream cheese for the name alone. Creamy cheese? Sounds like a nightmare.) But this passed muster. The raspberry was thinly applied and the cream cheese piping was — gasp — yummy. So, I like cream cheese? On to cheese cake!