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January 27, 2012

Day 77

Creamed Succotash

I’m pretty bored with Mr. Bittman’s minimalist recipes, so when I decided to tackle succotash I went back to my trusty old Better Homes and Gardens red-and-white bible (and it is old: it’s my grandparents’ copy). So, out with olive oil and vinegar, in with butter and cream. BHG isn’t a trendy cookbook, but it is my favorite. My most requested dishes are all pure Americana: beef stew with biscuits, homemade mac-n-cheese, apple pie, a killer chicken and dumplings (I’m not kidding about the killer part; there’s a whole stick of butter in there). One of my fantasies (and I have many) is living the life of a 1950s housewife, with none of the sexism and McCarthyism and all of the free afternoons and easy-access Valium.

Sorry, I digress. We were talking about succotash. Before I started this new food experiment, the word “creamed” would have scared me away as a potential texture nightmare. But creamed succotash is just some veggies swimming in my usual yummy, buttery white sauce. (I never promised the experiment would lead to healthier eating.)