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April 13, 2012

Day 154

Dried Cherries

A dried fruit that doesn’t suck! Much. These were nice and tart (I didn’t know cherries were tart. Always assumed they were sweet. I guess I should try a fresh one.) But the sticking point with these little guys is that they taste a bit like the way grass smells. Or maybe hay. I took a big sniff in the bag after I ate one and, sure enough, it smelled like grass. Or hay. Problem is, no one else smelled or tasted that. (Except for one coworker who I think was being nice.) So my work bunch is pointing to this as an example of how my taste buds, or maybe my olfactory system, is seriously jacked up. I find it all very interesting. How mental/physical quirks can all add up to finickiness. I recently did the food coloring test on my tongue and confirmed that I’m not a super taster. I guess I’m just an otherly-abled taster.