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August 21, 2012

Day 284

Lithuanian Kolduny

I whipped out my Old Polish Traditions cookbook and found this recipe for Lithuanian meat dumplings. Don’t ask me how a Lithuanian recipe wound up in a Polish cookbook. In the heavily ethnic mining town of my roots, implying that the two clans are interchangeable wouldn’t be taken kindly by either. Anyway, kolduny, pierogi, ravioli—seems it’s the same concept, different filling. The filling in these is supposed to be diced sirloin, kidney suet, grated onion, marjoram, salt and pepper.

I know what you’re thinking: Kidney suet? Wow, she’s really gotten brave. Didn’t happen, though. Not sure if you can find kidney suet around here, and I didn’t really want to find out. Good ol’ ground beef is a perfectly acceptable substitute for a sirloin/suet combination. At least I think so.

Since the recipes in this book are rather old-timey, I had to employ math (10 ounces of flour?) and reasoning (1 to 2 eggs? Which is it, 1 or 2? Geesh), a couple of skills that have grown rather dusty on my mental shelves. But these turned out all right. Even if they are Lithuanian.