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September 26, 2012

Day 320

Malt Liquor

From highbrow to lowbrow: caviar (sort of) to this broke-college-student go-to. I didn’t think much of the oh-so-fancy fish eggs — if that’s the way the non-slacking 53% of Americans are living, they’re welcome to it. And I don’t think much of the dregs of the booze world, either. Smells and tastes like skunky beer. I searched around to figure out what, besides the obvious taste deficiency, made it different from beer. Looks like it comes down to alcohol percentage (malt has more — probably to make you forget you’re drinking something so atrocious) and ingredients (malt adds sugar and corn and such and uses a “bottom fermenting yeast” — which is fitting for this bottom feeder of the drink family). Plus malt comes in these giant bottles — paper bag optional — kind of like an alcoholic Big Gulp. If it tasted that bad when I first opened it, though, how would it taste once I got to the warm, flat end of one of these monsters? I’m just glad I spent my youth with classy brews … like Pabst Blue Ribbon and Milwaukee’s Best.