Day 363


My goose was cooked … by my husband. And he did a pretty good job. It was breaded and fried and tasted fine. But I just couldn’t get over the image of this little chickie sitting in my fridge waiting for tonight. (My husband got a sack of it off a hunting pal.) It looked like an organ lying in that bag, with a giant yellow glob of fat sitting on top. So this was a case of mind over matter. Only in a negative sense.

3 Comments to “Day 363”

  1. I’m sad your experiment is almost over. It has been an entertaining journey! Congratulations! What happens next… ? I also have a blog about a year-long project… the end is a little bittersweet.

    • Thanks! I can’t believe the end is here. I’m going to try to explore picky eating a little bit more, maybe write an article. I think you should keep yours going … it’s a great creative exercise. But totally understandable if you’re tired of the “deadline.” I’m excited to say goodbye to that pressure.

  2. yeah, I need a break from the deadline! Hope you keep the blog up and add to it now and then. Let us know about your articles… maybe your blog could become a book! I also enjoyed your illustrations– maybe you could do something in that direction too? Best wishes to you in whatever is next!

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