Day 148

Hot Pepper Jelly

My husband loves this stuff smeared on a cracker with cream cheese. He’s not always wrong — just mostly — so I went ahead and tried it. (I spread everything really thin, though. Texture issues, you know.) It would have been okay if the jelly was more heat, less sweet. But as it is, Derry’s jar of jelly is safe from me.



7 Comments to “Day 148”

  1. I love the three wee faces with their tongues out. .

  2. I’ve seen some great recipes about for this stuff, it’s not something we can get here in Australia so I think I’ll have to knuckle down and make some!

  3. I agree that pepper jelly is more sweet than spicy, and I would prefer it more spicy, definitely! I love it on crackers with cream cheese, and it’s ok you don’t like it — more for me! 🙂 love the idea behind your blog, and your illustrations, they’re great! Are they your own?

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